First Regional Camporee / Mammoth Cave (2014)

Posted by Ron Smith on September 29, 2014  /   Posted in Outings

Just back from the first KY Regional Camporee held at Mammoth Cave State Park this weekend. What a wonderful affirmation of God at work.

First! This camporee was organized and hosted in only 22 days. God brought leaders together for each activity to be hosted with excellence.

Second. He excited 96 to participate, more than half of them being Trailmen.

Third. He provided a beautiful weekend.

Fourth and most amazing. Everyone left inspired of how God is moving to expand Trail Life to be an organization to develop high energy boys into future Christian leaders.

Activities included first aid, rescue, compass reading (directions), identification of God’s creation, cooking (using iron kettle), and knot tying.

It was especially heartwarming to see the three Navigators rise to the occasion to be young leaders inspiring and encouraging over 20 Foxes, Hawks, and Mountain Lions who began looking up to them as God honoring role models.

It was exciting to see dads engaging with their sons in the outdoors, with God centered teaching moments. Dads helping other dads with wise counsel to one another as well as to other Trailmen.

The most touching moment for me, was when another dad asked me if he could present a special gift to my son, for the leadership he witnessed in things my son had done over the weekend. And how my son had reached out to his son and other young.

Bruce Zoeller
Troop KY-4:13 Chaplain

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