Mountain Lions “Hit the Trail” to help clean up trash (2016)

Posted by Lee Steineker on July 07, 2016  /   Posted in News

On Monday, May 15th our Mountain Lions took part in our monthly “hit the trail” meeting.  This months focus was on stewardship and developing good character.  We patrolled the Southeast Christian Church Blankenbaker street frontage and the shopping center across the street.  As we picked up trash, we talked about how being a good steward of God’s creation along with the accumulation of all the choices we make comprise our moral character.  We cited King David and how God saw him as a man of good character despite a few bad choices he made.  As we walked back to the church the kids joked about all the gross stuff we found.  They noticed a lot of cigarette butts and several empty liquor bottles on the road side and decided the people who littered probably need to work on developing better character.

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