Salato Wildlife Center Conservation & Fur Trapping Skills Outing (2015)

Posted by Lee Steineker on November 18, 2015  /   Posted in News
On Saturday, May 23rd Woodlands, Navigators and Adventurers embarked on the Salato Wildlife Center located in Frankfort, Kentucky to learn about Conservation and gain Fur Trapping Skills.  This event was arranged by our Troop Outdoor Activities Chair Dan Tobin.  Our Troop KY-4:13 was also joined by two other Trail Life Troops.  The weather was great and the Trailmen earned leaves towards branches.  Representatives from the United Fur Trappers of Kentucky set up stations around the pond at the Salato Wildlife Center and taught Trailmen about ecology, wildlife conservation, nature pioneer skills and why trapping helps the environment and prevents damage.
After a lunch Foxes and Hawks participated in a fun scavenger hunt to continue their adventure and find clues about wildlife.  Mountain Lion, Navigator and Adventurer Trailmen who had completed their required knife training headed over to an area to do some hands on learning on how to skin animals like muskrats.  United Fur Trappers of Kentucky worked with Trailmen to teach how to skin and displayed pelts that had been preserved such as beaver pelts.
We wrapped up the day by going on a tour of the Salato Wildlife Center and getting to see live animals.  There was a snake the Trailmen could touch as well.  Lastly for the grand finale there was a presentation about trapping larger animals like bear.  Different types of bear traps were displayed and showed how these traps could be triggered.  A stick was placed in a 50 pound trap and when it was triggered it made a loud sound.  The Trailmen got excited when a guy dressed up like a bear and triggered a trap, which got everyone’s attention!  At the end of the day the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife gave Trailmen bags that included items like fishing bobbers.

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